Dynamic analysis of shells with the TRIC shell element

In the present study the implementation of the natural mode method for finite element analysis
is extended to the dynamic analysis of shell structures by formulating the kinematically consistent mass matrix of a model three-node multilayered triangular element (TRIC). Both translational and rotational inertia are included in the mass matrix which is generated using kinematic and geometric arguments consistent with the assumed natural rigid-body and straining modes of the element. Subsequently, numerical examples are performed to demonstrate the efficiency of the formulation and the potential of the natural mode method to deal efficiently with intricate time-dependent phenomena of shell structures.

J.Argyris (Institute for Computer Applications University of Stuttgart), M.Papadrakakis, Z.Mouroutis (National Technical University Athens ) & A.G.Papachristidis
5th European Conference on Structural Dynamics, Sept. 2-5, 2002, Munich, Germany

Dynamic analysis of shells with the TRIC shell element

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