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  • Intellicad 12.1 engine
    The most recent IntelliCAD source code with all the relative improvements.
    Hundreds of bugs fixed, new features and improved interface
  • Increased speed of opening drawings containing many blocks or external references.
  • Drag a .dwg file from Windows File Explorer to a tool palette to add it as a block on the tool palette
  • New Express commands QBREAK (Intersection Quick Break) and EBREAK (Auto Intersection Quick Break). Trim all entities to the intersection of a cutting entity in a single operation using the quick trim command.


  • Advanced Blocks (aka Dynamic Blocks)
    Transparently convert Dynamic Blocks to Advanced Blocks and moreover, using the block editor, you create and edit Advanced Blocks using parameters, actions, and visibility states as with AutoCAD® Dynamic Blocks.
    You can use it to modify any block reference and also make them parametric in size and shape. The contextual ribbon includes features to combine special grips and actions such as Move, Scale, Stretch, Rotate, Pattern or Mirror. You may, for example, create an Advanced Block whose size can be dynamically adjusted with a grip that you can stretch.
    You can also create Advanced Blocks with different states having elements that are hidden or shown. This allows, for example, to use only one block to show different options.
    One Advanced Block can replace many blocks. Combining multiple grips and actions allows you to create much smarter blocks. One Advanced block may replace tens of the blocks you currently use and would therefore significantly increase your productivity.
  • New 3D AEC Architectural module
    Compatible with AutoCAD®AEC Objects. The new AEC package allows you to draw 3D architectural elements with a two-dimensional view in plan and takes advantage of a whole series of new Architecture style commands. The drawn entities are now specific AEC elements editable and configurable via the Styles management. By default it replaces our previous EasyArch architectural plugin which still remains available and can be activated with the variable AECMODE.
    Main Features:
    ° Draw walls, doors, curtain walls, windows, stairs and railings
    ° Draw slabs, roofs, or roof slabs
    ° Walls and Slabs can be created by direct conversion of 2D entities
    ° Multi-level manager to assign levels to AEC entities.
    ° AEC Styles manager: manage & customize AEC Styles for Walls, Doors, Windows, Curtain Walls and Curtain Wall Units, stairs and railings, and slabs
    ° AEC Family – imports AEC objects style from external fam or dwg files
  • Rubber sheeting
    New functions for image editing (Raster Design). Use rubber sheeting when you want two or more different data sets from different sources to align geographically: for example, when stretching a new subdivision map into a preexisting parcel map. Rubber sheeting is a nonuniform adjustment of a data set based on the movement of known control points to new locations. For example, data collected by aerial survey may be inaccurate because of flight alignment and camera inaccuracies. By comparing these data with the accurate ground survey data, the aerial data can be stretched or rubber sheeted over the accurate data using control points and objects common to both data sets.
  • IFC Export
    Create IFC from DWG with the new experimental IFCEXPORT and IFCEXPORTOPTIONS commands. It is possible to include .rvt, .ifc underlays, and AEC Objects when exporting to .ifc files. Specify the IFC4 or IFC4x3 schema when exporting to .ifc files and set display properties for AEC styles.
  • Generative AI Drawing Translator
    Powered by Generative AI , the new progeCAD text translator for drawings, uses the translation engine by Google® AI to translate all or part of your drawing, into any language. The translated texts do not change their nature, therefore the drawing remains normally compatible with all CAD-DWG software.
    It works on Text, Mtext, Block attributes, Mleader, and Tables.It works on Text, Mtext, Block attributes, Mleader, and Tables.
  • New Printers in PDF via DWG to PDF.PC3
    – more options and features. Also used with the PDF Export command.
  • New Express command CHBLOCKBASEPOINT
    (Change Block Base Point). Change the insertion point of the selected block and all its instances in the drawing, without moving the geometry. Useful for correcting problems related to blocks with a very distant insertion point, or for being able to change its reference point to manage different situations.
  • New Express command INSERTPOINTSVALUES
    (Insert Point Coords). Write coordinate values near the selected point entities. It is possible to configure the data type that will be reported in text.
  • New command TFRAMES
    Display or hide the frames of all images and wipeouts. This command controls the settings of the IMAGEFRAME and WIPEOUTFRAME system variables.
  • New command RESETBLOCK
    Resets Advanced or Dynamic block references to the default values.
  • New 3D command PROJECTGEOMETRY
    Create a projection of lines, curves, or points on a three-dimensional solid, surface, or region using a direction you specify. You can project points, lines, arcs, circles, ellipses, 2d or 3d polylines, splines, and helices.


  • Commands preview
    When using the Offset, Trim, and Extend commands, you can see a preview of the results.
  • New Layers Manager Palette
    Change the columns visibility, and restore the default display of columns.
  • Drawing area
    Improved handling of model space viewports. Click and drag the border of a Model Space viewport to resize it.
  • Improved Quick Properties
    With the customize user interface command specify what entity types and properties are visible in the Quick Properties pane.
  • Explorer Improvements
    – Manage more visual style properties using the explore visual styles command
    – Manage more layout settings using the explore layouts command
    – Specify whether to freeze layers automatically in layouts that you create using
       the explore layers command
    – Manage data links using the explore external references command
    – Change the column order, the visibility of columns, and restore the default display
       of columns in all explorer panes
  • New command LAYVPI for Layouts
    Use the layer isolate viewports freeze command to freeze the layers of selected entities in all layout viewports except the current viewport.
  • Use print preview for .pc3 printers
  • Toggle the display of the printable area boundary in paper space


  • New BIM Importer for Autodesk Revit®
    Direct import of Revit files (up to v. 2024) selecting the entire model or a specific View. BIM objects are placed on different layers selecting between two options:
    1) Layers based on entities
    2) Layers based on Level+Category.
    If present, the appropriate materials will be associated with the imported entities.
  • New DATAEXTRACTIONNEW (Experimental)
    with new functions and the ability to create dynamic tables inside the drawing that can be updated based on drawing changes.
    DataExtraction new features:
    ° Xrefs and Blocks inside Xrefs extraction
    ° Advanced Blocks and Dynamic Blocks data extraction (DATAEXTRACTION Only)
    ° AEC Objects data extraction
    ° Optional filter for Layouts (Paper Space) and Models
    ° Custom rename of Columns
    ° Customize Columns Order
    ° XLS and XLSx export supported
    ° Selectable styles for tables  
    ° Extracted tables are dynamically linked to the drawing and automatically updated with drawing changes through the DATALINK functions
  • Snap entities
    Use the new Geometric Center snap to find the centroid of any closed polyline or spline. Previously it was managed automatically by the center snap with Arc, Circles, etc.
  • Improved Tables
    New functions for managing cell border format.
  • Splines improvements
    Draw splines using control vertices and knot parameterization. Choose undo to erase the previously specified point. Choose join when using the edit spline command to combine a selected spline with other splines, lines, polylines, or arcs.
  • Improved command CONVTONURBS
    Convert surfaces and 3d solids to nurbs surfaces. You can convert surfaces that are created using the convert to surface command.


  • NLM licenses Migration mode
    It allows you to easily switch NLM Server from one server to another.


    The new API framework compatible with AutoCAD® ARX Classes which makes extremely easier the porting of AutoCAD® applications to progeCAD.
  • .NET
     Access many new .net classes, methods, and properties.

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