GT STRUDL FREE Webinar (21/02/2018)

GT STRUDL FREE Webinar: GT STRUDL 2018 and EC3 with National Annexes

During this webinar, see steel structure generation combining 3 different ways of entering data:  GT Menu, CAD Modeler and GT Shell. Learn how analysis results are used for Steel Member design according to EuroCode 3 when Static and Dynamic loads are applied.

Special emphasis will be given on the new features of GT STRUDL 2018, including the ability to check additional types of cross section profiles according to EC3 and the new commands for National Annexes. Useful tips will be given to optimize the workflow.

Register now to attend this webinar and become more successful in 2018 with presenter Aristidis Papachristidis.

Date: February 21st, 2018
Time: 5:00pm CET 


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