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GEO5 Version 18

The new version allows reinforced concrete & steel sections checks in "PILEWALLS II", new foundation types for wall applications, Broms horizontal bearing capacity in "Piles" and other improvements.

We also have additional Engineering Manuals dedicated to numerical modeling and analysis in the GEO5 - FEM application.

New features in version 18

Pilewalls II - design of reinforced concrete & steel sections

Piles - horizontal carrying capacity against Broms

Walls - new types of wall foundations (foundation with pedestals, piles)

Stability of slopes - seismic analysis according to Chinese standards

Stability of Feet - select used methods in Settings

Walls - seismic analysis according to Chinese standards

Footprint - new foundation eccentricity control

Pilewalls II - new piles list (Larsen Knyssen, Arcelor Mittal)

Sheets II - printing of pile cross sections

Walls, Fence - user input allowed load eccentricity

Walls, Shingle - definition by user of critical cross sections of reinforced concrete structures

Improvement of Imaging & Import

All - improved printing and exporting shapes

All - improved 2D interface input - automatic input connection

All - status coloring of the analysis stage

3D design - improved design smoothing

3D design - optimized focus of the entire construction, on screen and print

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