GTSTRUDL 32 Official Release.

GTSTRUDL 32 is now an official release.

The GTSTRUDL 32 CD's are in production and will include GTSTRUDL 32 software in addition to the GTSTRUDL 32 User Documentation. We will ship all GTSTRUDL 32 CD's, to all customers that their Anual Maintenance Contract is Active, during 2012.

The complete list of new features can be found in the Release Guide that is available at the following link:


Some of the new features are:

  • A new, more accurate and faster to converge, 8 node solid element (IPSLIM) has been implemented.
  • Three new four node elements have been implemented.
  • Option to LIST FORCES in GLOBAL reference frame.
  • Efficiency and performance improvements to the GTSES stiffness analysis solver.
  • SAVE/RESTORE process for databases larger than 2GB
  • DisplayJoint Mass in GT.MENU
  • Individual Member Results in GT.MENU
  • Automatic 2D mesh feature of arbitrary shapes in GT.MENU
  • Create CUTS and calculate resultant (sum) forces along the cut graphically in GT.MENU
  • Redraw solid for Unistrut profiles
  • New selection mode, called Fencing, in GT.MENU, working similar to AutoCAD’s select window and crossing window
  • The COMPUTE MODAL DAMPING RATIO AVERAGE BY ELEMENT command has been enhanced such that a contribution to the composite modal damping ratios are new computed for viscous damper elements.
  • The Generate Input can now generate Nonlinear Effects, Nonlinear Springs, Objects and Groups, Elastic connections and RIGID PINs
  • Efficiency improvements to the EC3-2005 code, that is now in Release status
  • New efficient Base Plate Wizard Module

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