GTSTRUDL 2015 Release

We would like to inform you that GTSTRUDL® Version 2015 (34) has been officially released and will be distributed to customers having an active maintenance contract. Else, if you want to upgrade to version 34, you have to renew your maintenance contract with STRUDL Europe.

Due to the acquisition of GTSTRUDL® from INTERGRAPH the development resources have been significantly increased in order to improve the product, and the product gains added value.

Apart from acquiring the Intellectual Property Rights of GTSTRUDL® from Georgia Tech, INTERGRAPH also purchased ATLAS (CAD Platform – GTI Generator) from our company, STRUDL Europe, and we will continue developing it, together with INTERGRAPH.

The new version, 2015, includes the latest version of CAD Modeler (the new name of ATLAS module) together in the same license and CD, at no additional cost. ATLAS will stop being licensed separately, and it becomes a part of GTSTRUDL®. Apart from CAD Modeler, version 2015 comes with much more improvements. Most important ones are:

  • CAD Modeler License. CAD Modeler is launched directly by GTSTRUDL
  • Generate GTSELOS GTI text input files directly from GTMENU
  • Advanced interface to TEKLA
  • DESIGN SLAB command (pre-Release feature)

The full list of new features and error corrections can be found in the Release Guide of the 2015 Version and the Getting Started Manual of CAD Modeler.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information.

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